The Commission is delegated with the powers to take action and to issue regulations on the matters mentioned below regarding the employees of the Co-operative Societies of Western Province.

  • Conducting examinations or appointing Examination Boards for the recruitment of employees in Co-operative Societies and getting examination charges from the candidates.
  • Specifying the salary scale to be assigned to the posts, revising and preparing periodically.
  • Establishing consultative work organizations that determine the need to assist the Commission in determining the emoluments and employment conditions of the employees of Co-operative Societies.
  • Order the Co-operative Societies to pay salaries according to the salary scale stipulated by the Commission.  Determining the procedural steps to be followed by a co-operative society in the exercise of the rights of disciplinary action against the employees.
  • Order the Co-operative Societies to end the disciplinary inquiries against employees within the time limits specified by the Commission.
  • Hearing of appeals against an order issued by a co-operative society.
  • Order the relevant Co-operative Societies to keep appropriate records on the employees.
  • Instruct the relevant Society to submit any documents or files or information regarding any of the employees that may be required by the Commission in advance of the scheduled day.
  • Appointing Appeal Inspecting Officers or Appeal Board for inquiries on appeals submitted to the Commission after conducting necessary inquiries and to report to the Commission.
  • Order the cooperative societies to implement the instructions made by the Commission with regard to an employee of a co-operative society, including instructions on re-recruiting him, when such employee has appealed to the commission against a decision of a society due to the conduct of such employee is subjected to inquiry.
  • Determining the policies according to the ordinary policies that can be awarded to employees as gratuity or other benefits in the termination of their work.
  • Instructing the Honorable Minister in charge of the subject related matters after inquiring the commissioner regarding the release of any co-operative society or a class of society by the implementation of the Co-operative Commission enactment.
  • Implementing the other powers regarding co-operative societies and their employees delegated to the commission by a gazette issued by the Hon. Minister in charge of the subject minister after the approval of the Provincial Council.
  • Carrying out any decisions or clarifications, modifications, exclusions or revisions or deletions made by the Commission in the exercise of the said powers.