Evolution and Commencement of the Commission

Western Provincial Cooperative Employees Commission established by Commission Statue No 01 of 1994 of Western Province compiled under 17:4 sentence in the 13th Amendment of the Constitution. This Statute is declared from 01st of September 1991.

The Commission is under the purview of Ministry of Provincial Roads, Transport, Co-operative Development and Trade, Housing and Construction, Estate and Infrastructure, Industrial and Rural Development, and the administrative area consists of three districts. The districts are Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara.

Appointing Members of the Commission

The Commission is included with three members appointed by Hon Minister of Cooperative of Western Province and one member is appointed as the Chairman. Their service period is 03 years.

Members of the present Commission

Chairman        Mr. A.S Joseph

Member          Mr. S. Dilshan Chinthaka Fernando

Member          Mr. Sarachchandra Montague

Office Staff

The Secretary of the Cooperative Employees Commission shall be an officer of Sri Lanka Administration Service and there shall be a board including officers of Western Province Public Service.

The staff of the Western province Employees Commission shall contain with 17 officers and Officer of Sri Lanka Administration Services, Mrs. S.A.L Rangani works as the present Secretary of the Commission.

Designation and Number of Employees

Secretary                                  1

Administrative Officer           1

Investigation Officer              2

Development Officer             4

Management Assistant         6

Driver                                       1

Office Assistant                      2