Message from Chairman of Cooperative Employees Commission,
H. A. Gamini Hettiarachchi…

Western Provincial Cooperative Employees Commission that established by the Cooperative Employees Commission Statue No 01 of 1994 of Western Province, powered to conduct powers transferred by that Statute.

Ordering appointing and promoting procedures of Cooperative employees work in Cooperative Societies registered in Western Province, approving appointments, transfers, ordering salaries and allowances, investigating employees’ problems as well as the powers to give orders as the Appellate Authority of Cooperative employees are conducted under the scope of the Commission.

Acting in a legal context being on transparency and justice and taking decisions according to Cooperative principals in un debatable way are important towards the independency of the Commission. In order to perform those functions, the support given by other members of this Commission, properties, Secretary and the staff is huge.

By remarking another excellent victory obtained recently by Western Provincial Cooperative Employees Commission, this website will be open to general public from now on.

I warmly welcome the whole Cooperative employees of Western Province and the clients who receive services from the Commission that enter to the official website of Western Provincial Cooperative Employees Commission.

Further, I would like to mention that in order to succeed the attempt to provide an excellent service, as clients your ideas and suggestions also subject to my appraisal.

H.A. Gamini Hettiarachchi
Cooperative Employees Commission
Western Province